Pineapple juice and cucumber to clean the colon and lose weight in 7 days

Our body has its own internal detoxification system. The liver, kidneys and colon are the three key organs of the body. Detoxification is based on the consumption of certain types of foods that will help the three important organs to function properly.

It is compulsory to choose periods for cleansing the colon to avoid the risk of the dangerous diseases associated with it as diabetes, liver disease, heart disease and cancer.

This procedure to completely clean the colon, which we recommend, is terribly effective and works flawlessly. It is ideal for people who do not like or feel fear of enema.

You need to know that she cleans perfectly not only the colon, but also the entire digestive tract, destroying all the harmful parasites and bacteria.

By cleansing your colon you will instantly feel lighter, more energized, better at absorbing nutrients and resistant to cravings.


1 apple (green or red)


1 slice ofPineapple

1/2 aCucumber

1/2 AloeVera leaf


The only thing you need to do is slice up the pineapple, dice the cucumber and apple and wash the fruits thoroughly before cutting them. Next, divide the Aloe Vera leaf into two sections, and squeeze out the gel from one of them.

Then, gather all of the ingredients in a blender, add one glass of water, the orange juice, and stir everything properly.

Once you finish with that, you are free to consume your drink. Consume this unbelievably potent colon-cleansing juice two times a day, once before breakfast, and once before going to bed.

Make sure you also drink at least 8 glasses of water during the day.

After a week, the effects will amaze you!

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