The parrot sings a famous children song – can you recognize it?

The Internet and social networks are packed with videos where the main actors are parrots.

Some sing, some mimic the voices of their owners, and some even swear. It’s all fun for their owners and for people who love animals. Pets really bring joy to our lives in different ways. They sometimes make us laugh, sometimes they do not learn new things and we grow up together with them. This parrot is always funny and constantly surprises its owners. It’s never boring for them, and their home never misses a laugh.

Parrot often mimics various sounds, music from series and movies, and world-famous hits. This time their favorite decided to sing a well-known children’s song, but its singing skills made the world astounding. Instead of the applause that is part of the song, she hits the beak in the table and further delights everyone.

See how it looks in the video …

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