The dogs sympathize with us, even when we are not aware of it

Many people think that dogs have no feelings like humans, but the reality is that there are dogs that are very sensitive and sensitive. One such example is my friend’s dog, and this is her story:

“It came when there was a little more than a month with just 3.2 kilos, then I was in a relationship with a rather unstable person whom I wanted to help with all the force.” My little dog seemed to feel my sorrow and helplessness and often knew to push my head in my lap when I was tired and sad.

Over time, he grew up, but some things have not changed. When I returned home, he waved his tail and had a shine in his eyes, but when I returned tired, sad or angry, he waved slowly and his ears were always lowered.

I sit beside him, and he sighs. As tears flow towards me, as if to listen to me, absorb every word and tear, and in the end it touches me with my hand, as if to say that everything will be fine.

At that time, I did not pay special attention to the fact that he felt my mood, but companionship with other dogs showed me that dogs felt like a mood. With my dog, I noticed that I had to control myself, because if I’m not good and he is not.

In a terrible period in my life, for over two months I felt quite bad and depressed.

He began to gnaw his paws. I took him to a veterinarian and made every possible diagnosis, but we did not find anything. He was physically perfectly healthy.

Then a wonderful veterinarian asked me if I had problems at home and I said that I have it.

She told me that my pet feels it and does not know how to help me.

At the moment when the bad story ended and I came to myself, I began to breathe again with the lungs and to be happier, and he stopped biting his paws and returned his face to the eyes.

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